Claudio Limon, a great artist who is a New York centered Mexican Designer. He started off his research in painting when he was 10 years old. When he arrived at the age of 17 he shifted into the University of Guadalajara in Mexico to engage in his bachelor’s degree as a Graphic Designer.

He has made several solo and group art exhibitions. His designs and illustrations have won reputation within and external of Mexico; flees style sensationalism and improper use of technology resources, with a preference for the stroke guide, pleasant negligence in the approach of naive and childish innocence apparent which eliminates the drawing of objective standards.

He is often looking for overall flexibility. He loves to discover details where no one else recognizes them and to create elements from emotions. To create is his daily incentive, he lives from allowing his mind and heart live. His passion has been converted by the richness of Mexican popular culture. He believe that colors are a fundamental part of his inspiration.

Claudio Limón started his own design and illustration studio in 2006.

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For additional artwork, visit Claudio’s website.