James Christopher Hill, born in Charleston, South Carolina, who learned art at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, has gained worldwide reputation for his paintings by his collectors and audiences. He is well-known for his paintings varying from traditional landscapes and skyscapes filled up with brilliant color, instant movements and radiant energy in a fashionable stylistic language to his pictures of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror/Macabre. His work explores the use of line, color and rhythm to create effective, sweeping images that seek out to trigger a unique ambiance or emotion by acquiring an precise moment or memory in time that is significant to both him and the audience.

Although James is establishing a increasing number of personal and professional enthusiasts all over the United States and the world. His professional customers list consists of organizations, hospitals, museums and restaurants. One of his most popular wall art was of a area called Planet Follywood which has an open-air painting which is over 900 square feet in size and includes 14 life-size representations of some of Hollywood’s most well-known superstars of the 1950’s. In 2006, James was inquired to develop a 14′ painting with 14 figures as an homage to the historical Alutiiq Indian Tribe of Alaska by Alutiiq Corporation. He has been profiled in different arts publications and television shows. However, James works every day to try to increase his understanding and his skillsets through the analysis of the great masters of art throughout the ages.


For additional artwork, visit James’s website.