Scott McGregor was born in 1965 and raised in Largs, a little seaside town on the West Coast of Scotland. He discovered his enthusiasm to attract at an young age and he has persisted enhancing his expertise and experimenting with art all his life.

Right after finishing graduation in Illustration & Graphic Design from Building & Printing College in Glasgow, he commenced work 22 years ago as an illustrator, 4 years afterwards started to be a 2D Graphic Artist, then worked well for 12 years as a 3D Modeller, he now operate as a full time artist.

His design of painting differs from realism to consolidating into impressionism, based upon the subject matter and his thoughts can come from many resources, the greater part of ideas develop when he is working on a different painting.

When he actually departs the studio the painting doesn’t leave him, he is still imagining about it and how he can advance it into something unique. His mind is creatively aware of every day life, acquiring in color and shapes, watching how the light & weather can modify the ambiance, watching people with their expressions & movement.


For additional artwork, visit Scott’s website.