Let us introduce to you a talented tattoo artist, Dino Tonic. He hails from Norway and specializes in creating masterpieces on Human Skin. To book an appointment with him, it may take months! Trust us, the wait is totally worthwhile. But, its not his tattoos we are showcasing here, it is his unbelievable pencil drawings. He puts pencil to paper and comes up with some of the amazing, creative pencil drawings of celebrities and famous characters. His sketches are unbelievable! You have to take a look to appreciate his artwork. Make sure you’re prepared to be amazed by the life-like qualities of his pencil drawings.



Spongebob Squarepants and Co.


Dr. House


Emma Watson




Minion Captain Jack Sparrow

Minion Ghost Rider

Lil Ironman

Metal Moth

(via Atomic CircuS, H/T aplus)

Aren’t these awesome? We hope you were as amazed as we were after stumbling upon Dino’s unbelievable pencil drawings. If you want to check out more of Dino’s fantastic work, check out his website or Facebook page.